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Boomerang Computer Company was registered in 2000 under number 10731 and relying on innovation and creativity and by integrating expertise and experience and based on the many years of experience of its executive team, quality services in the field of information and communication technology, notification systems and Provides firefighting, BMS systems, smart homes, implementation of FTTH networks, CCTV and high speed internet service.

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Tehran: Unit 1,No 19 , Alizadeh Azar alley, Nategh Noori St, Golnabi St, Pasdaran St
Tel: 0098 2191070061
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Shiraz: No. 294, alley 10, Chamran Boulevard
Tel: 0098 7132334244
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Kish Island: No.A201, Second Floor, Padena Building, Iran Blvd
Tel: 0098 7644420404
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E-mail: info at boomerang.ir

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