Expert Team
Expert Team

Now, more than twenty years after its inception, Boomerang Company, with the support of the expertise and experience of experienced personnel and having technical knowledge about information technology and safety and security systems, has succeeded in offering new systems in this field. Satisfying the customer and providing technical services and support professionally has always been one of the principles and goals of the company

Why Boomerang
Why Boomerang

Boomerang Company, using the experiences gained in two decades of customer service, has provided a variety of services to residential, office, commercial and hotel complexes. Using the expertise of its capable teams, the company has been able to provide comprehensive solutions to customers regarding FTTX systems, video surveillance systems, fire alarm and extinguishing systems, etc.

About Boomerang
About Boomerang

Boomerang Computer Company was registered in 2000 under number 10731 and relying on innovation and creativity and by integrating expertise and experience and based on the many years of experience of its executive team, quality services in the field of information and communication technology, notification systems and Provides firefighting, BMS systems, smart homes, implementation of FTTH networks, CCTV and high speed internet service.

Products & Services

FTTX Services

Today, the use of fiber optic technology to provide a variety of services to residential, commercial, office and hotel complexes has made employers benefit from much higher quality services and more stable than traditional systems at a lower cost.
With FTTX technology, it is possible to provide a variety of Internet, telephone, iPhone video and central antenna services only


Fire Detection

Boomerang Kish Company is one of the companies of Boomerang Group, using its experts and technical team and applying the latest global safety standards based on BS and NFPA, provides consulting, design, sale and implementation of firefighting and fire alarm projects.


IP Intercom

Boomerang Computer Company offers a variety of video iPhones under the SIP network. Network video iPhones provide a variety of capabilities for home intelligence, including the ability to install smart system software on internal monitors.


CCTV And Security

Boomerang Company is one of the well-known companies in the field of importing and distributing various protection and theory systems in various types of binoculars with resolutions of two megapixels, four megapixels and eight megapixels, which shows its interest in the international theory of Sony, Samsung. Panasonic, etc. in Iran has been able to establish its name in this field



PTV or Internet TV that offers hotel screens, hospital screens and…. It is used to mean sending media content such as TV network based on Internet Protocol (IP) and on the network platform. This type of content delivery by IPTV software, unlike the case where the media is first downloaded and then displayed, is a continuous flow of media from its source.


BMS & Smart Home

Operating in the field of building automation we cover the installation of Building Management System. These systems are mainly applied in large premises such as industrial, high-rise office buildings, department stores, hotels, hospitals for better power management and protection in order to save money in the long run. Residential solutions are also available.



Boomerang Company pursues simple business goals, which are: using the latest technologies and integrating it with the talent of young Iranians in order to create superior products and services that provide comfort to customers.

The Main Elements of Management

Human resource development and technical excellence with management principles
Increase the synergy of the entire management system through human resources and technologies

Adherence to Principles

We provide equal opportunities for all employees and treat them fairly according to their abilities and performance. We encourage employees to continually improve their knowledge and support their progress in their duties.

Respect to Customer

We offer products and services that meet the needs and expectations of our customers. We have a warm and friendly relationship with our customers and we humbly accept suggestions and complaints.

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Introducing some projects that have been implemented with the efforts and expertise of the Boomerang technical team in all parts of the country

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