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FTTH fiber optic information network:
FTTH a reliable and efficient technology and has many advantages over current technologies such as high bandwidth, low cost, more security and…
The main advantage of FTTH or FTTP (Fiber to The Premises) is the ability to connect faster over longer distances than Twisted Pair cables, DSL lines or coaxial cables. For example, a pair of copper wires can carry 6 phone calls, but a fiber pair can carry 2.5 million phone calls simultaneously.
Services provided on the basis of this technology; can dramatically improve the quality of our life and bring more profit to telecommunications companies to expand their core services.
In general, these light-based systems can transfer a wealth of information such as telephone, video, data, and etc. more efficiently compared to the traditional method of using copper cables at almost the same price. FTTH requires both Active and Passive networks to work.
Different types of fiber are classified according to the customer's location:

FTTP or Fiber to The Premises: A type of fiber-optic communication in which fiber optic is routed from the head office to the customer's location through an optical distribution network.

FTTH or Fiber to The Home: The optical fiber is extended from the center to the indoors or shared unit and the bandwidth is delivered to the subscriber by ONT equipment. In other words, fiber optic replaces copper wire pairs all the way from the telecommunications center to the subscriber’s house.
When the signal reaches the customer’s location, it is shared in several ways, such as using Ethernet cable, coaxial cable, wireless communication, or optical fiber. Fiber-to-home broadband communications, or FTTH, represent fiber-optic cable communications for specific locations.

FTTB or Fiber to The Basement or Fiber to the building:
In this method, fiber-optic installation is done to the entrance border of commercial, residential, industrial buildings or to the underground of buildings and the final connection to each residential unit is delivered by using other technologies and by copper wire. This method is commonly used for multi-unit buildings. In this model, the final connection is established through any non-optical method such as Ethernet cable, coaxial cable and wireless communication.
FTTC or Fiber to The Cabinet: Connecting fiber optic network to access cabinets
FTTN or Fiber to the Node or Neighborhood: Fiber optic network connection to distributors (Active node)
FTTO or Fiber to the Office: Fiber optics are routed from the center to the shared office space, which is usually the server room or data center, and the rest of the internal connections is established through the Ethernet network and CAT6 cable or similar.

Advantages of FTTH:
• Reduce operating and maintenance costs, especially in office and commercial locations
• Creating new technology-based businesses
• Responsive to future needs
• High reliability and security
• Receiving various communication services in a single package
• Ability to transfer all services on a broadband path with a speed of more than 100Mbps to 1 Gbps for per user

Types of services available in FTTH:
• Audio and video telephone
• Distance education
• Starting an Internet business of intelligent building management (residential, commercial and industrial)
• Providing monitoring and protection services, CCTV and video transmission
• Cloud storage (no need to store large files on PCs and save on servers)
• Network based content development and group games
• E Shopping
• online games
• Smart home management
• Increase value-added services and create new business opportunities
• No environmental influences and also no electromagnetic interference

Boomerang Rayaneh Company is ready to provide all kinds of FTTX services by the help of its technical team. This company can provide services for setting up and supporting fiber optic networks as soon as possible, by owning the latest equipment for testing and setting up optical networks.


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