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Operating in the field of building automation we cover the installation of Building Management System. These systems are mainly applied in large premises such as industrial, high-rise office buildings, department stores, hotels, hospitals for better power management and protection in order to save money in the long run. Residential solutions are also available.

Some of the basic features provided:

Control - Handling - Information

    Access (Input - Output)
    Heating, ventilation.
    Fire detection and suppression.
    Lighting, audio and video control.
    Hot water and electrical appliances automation.
    Awnings and shutters depending on weather conditions.
    Automatic watering.
    Simulation locomotion during absence.
    Water leakage, and humidity report.
    Energy consumption measurements for further improvement.
    Automatic notification in case of emergency.

In other words all the electrical installations of a building communicate with each other for the optimal and most cost effective management of resources with easy, flexible and simple handling.

A BMS system smaller scale which applies to houses are known as the "smart home." By this term we refer to the control of the electrical installation and electrical appliances home environment, through the installation of various sensors. The installed system automatically adjusts to the environment of space, according to the predefined settings remotely, using mobile phone by SMS or internet.

It is important to emphasize that such a system requires proper study and forecast even before the electrical installation of the building construction or during renovations. This is not prohibitive to install some automation even after the completion of the building where no provision is made ​​for BMS

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