Fire alarm & extinguishing

Boomerang Computer Company, using its experts and technical team and using the latest global safety standards for BS and NFPA, is ready to provide consulting services, design, sale and implementation of different projects and fire alarm according to your suggestions about the type of use. The project is climatic conditions. And the budget is at your disposal. All calculations are performed in accordance with national and international laws and standards, and all projects implemented by this company are able to continue to be approved by the fire department.

All system equipment and supplies required in the company's projects are manufactured and assembled by first-class European factories under the standards of LPCB and BS of England, Vds of Germany, UL of America and EN of Europe and design of ASTM. All of these products have warranty and after-sales commitment services. Boomerang Company is able to provide spare parts and after-sales service for these products in Iran by taking advantage of the capabilities of the business team and its offices abroad.

This company is the importer of the main equipment of Nafco Emirates Firefighting Company to Iran. Due to the quality production and standard products of Nafco, many employers have models to use the equipment produced under the brand Nafco and Shield in their projects that Boomerang Company has been able to provide these services to you.

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