IPTV or Internet TV that offers hotel screens, hospital screens and…. It is used to mean sending media content such as TV network based on Internet Protocol (IP) and on the network platform. This type of content delivery by IPTV software, unlike the case where the media is first downloaded and then displayed, is a continuous flow of media from its source. With Internet TV, you can receive live TV images as well as saved TV images from the source upon request.

The application of this technology in hotel screens is very necessary. This service enables the audience (such as guests) to enjoy services such as access to the archive of movies and series (Video On Demand), music (Audio On Demand), live broadcast, book archive, virtual tour of the collection, etc.

In addition, IPTV or Internet TV can be effective in providing information more quickly and equip centers to provide accurate and timely information.

Hotel facilities:

        Introducing and promoting hotel sports facilities such as swimming pool, sports club and massage room to the guest
        View restaurants and hotel coffee shops and the possibility of booking and ordering from the room
        Connection to the hotel accounting system and the possibility of viewing the bill by the guest on the IPTV platform
        Show booths, show different products of hotel stores

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